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T H E    T E A M

Director: Prarthona Paul

Prarthona has been involved with Hi-Skule and the UofT Engineering community for the past three years. As the Hi-Skule director this year, she is excited to introduce engineering to more students and inspire the next generation engineers.

Vice-Director: Adil Quettawala

Adil is super excited for his 3rd year with the Hi-Skule team! Having had a ton of fun in the last two years, he continues to focus on creating high-quality engaging and educational content for young students.

Events Director: Felicia Liu

This is Felicia’s first year as an executive member of Hi-Skule. As ½ of the Events/Logistics Team, she’s incredibly excited to engage with high school students, promote her passion for STEM, and curate opportunities for students to learn and experience engineering design.

Content Director: Thardchi Ganesalingam

Thardchi is excited to be part of Hi-Skule for another year! As one of the content directors, she looks forward to developing cool activities for students to help them learn more about the engineering design process.

Outreach Director: Jason Zhou

This is Jason’s second year as part of the Hi-Skule team. He has been actively involved in programs in which participants are incoming first year students as well as students in younger ages. He hopes to provide the best experience for participants in each event where they can discover their interests in engineering.

Mentorship Director: Aisha Gurses

Aisha is very excited to be this year’s mentorship director! As a firm advocate for the transformative potential of young minds, she is exhilarated to empower the next generation of engineers by nurturing their growth through engagement with amazing mentors!

Events Director: Daria Walenius

Daria is very excited to be an executive for Hi-Skule for the upcoming year as co director of events and logistics. Heading into her 4th year of Industrial engineering, she is looking forward to engaging with incoming students and running activities that promote her love of engineering.

Content Director: Simran Raina

Simran is a 3rd year Computer Engineering student with a passion for design and development. During her first year as Content Director, she looks forward to passing on her love for the engineering design process to high school students by creating engaging- and most importantly, fun- activities and events over the course of the year.

Social Media Director: Tristan Seto

Tristan is a second-year student in the electrical and computer engineering stream and first year as part of the Hi-Skule team! He is passionate about working with younger students and helping them discover their interests. Having struggled with whether engineering was the right major for him as well, he hopes that, together with Hi-Skule, younger students will have adequate exposure to the field of engineering to decide whether it is something they may want to pursue.

Webmaster: Anushka Sethi

This is Anushka’s first year as a part of the Hi-Skule team. As the website developer for Hi-Skule, Anushka combines technical skills with a passion for education. Inspired by the team’s dedication, she’s committed to creating an engaging online platform that mirrors the team’s mission of fostering interest in engineering among students.

First Year Associate: Grace Lin

Grace is a first year student in the electrical and computer engineering stream, eager to be representing hiskule as their first year associate! As a first year who is only just discovering her own interests and passions, she is ready to help guide younger students who may find themselves in the same position as her.