Pre-Skule: The Countdown to F!rosh Begins

It was the week before F!rosh week, and I remember the shiver of awe that rolled down my spine the very first time I set foot on the University of Toronto’s campus. The vibrant green lawns, the old but majestic buildings that covered all of campus, the faces of accomplished alumni on banners, and the distinguished aura of the students walking around… I was intimidated and half paralyzed by the idea that in one week, I was going to be one of them, studying and growing and living everyday life here, and that this was going to be my new home.

Fast forward one year, and here we are, standing on that same lawn, only this time, we are proud, excited and grateful beyond anything to be coming back to campus in the fall. This time, we won’t be the scared frosh, but we will be frosh leedurs (not a spelling error!), sharing our experiences with you all. This time, we are a team – we are HiSKULE.

Once upon a time, we were you. We were the scared frosh. We were the hyped frosh. We were the frosh who wanted life to be crazy fun, and we were the frosh with big dreams about the differences that we could make. Even before that, we were high school students, scared, hyped, but down for some crazy fun and filled with big dreams.

And sometimes, we still are those things. We get scared. We get super hyped. We have a crazy amount of fun, but we definitely still dream about making a difference. And right now, the difference that we want to make is in helping you.

We know what it’s like worrying about university applications, and making the tough decision of not only what university to attend but also what career path to choose, because we’ve been there.

Is engineering the right choice? What engineering discipline should I choose? How will the skills I develop in uni help my career?

Or even, are all engineers nerdy? If I’m doing badly in physics, can I still be an engineer? Are there any cute girls in engineering?

These are just a few of the questions we hope to answer for you in coming monthly blog posts, but for the moment sit tight and stay tuned. We wish you the best in the upcoming school year, and until then, welcome to HiSKULE!


Nicole Wongsoo
HiSkule Committee Marketing Director 1T5 – 1T6
Industrial Engineering, Class of 2018

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