The University of Toronto Hi-SkuleTM committee has two upcoming one-day design competitions one in November for high school students, one in March for middle school students.

Design competitions are fun and interactive way of discovering and developing an engineering skillset. In teams, competitors will conceptualize, design, build, and present a solution to a real-world engineering design challenge. Our goal is to inspire students who are at a critical stage of their education to consider engineering as a possible career path!

Designs will be evaluated by judges ranging from current engineering students, Faculty Alumni, professors and industry professionals.

University of Toronto High School Design Competition

When: Nov 26-28, 2021

Who: High School Students

Where: Online

This-one-day event takes place at the University of Toronto and is an Engineering design competition/hackathon open to all students in grades 9-12. Sign up for a full day of building, problem-solving, and Engineering. The day includes a design project concluded with everyone’s final projects being judged by an expert panel, with the chance to win! Students are encouraged to form teams of 3-5.

Sign up at: Eventbrite

For more information on UTHSDC click HERE


When: March 2022

Who: Grade 5-8 Students

Where: Online

A full day of Engineering design projects, science experiments, and exciting workshops. Students will spend the day rotating through different Engineering design workshops lead by Hi-Skule Mentors.  Each exciting, hands-on activity will focus on a different discipline of Engineering such as Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. All of our mentors are current Engineering students at the University of Toronto and have experience in a wide range of disciplines that students can learn about.

Sign up at: Coming Soon 

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