Blair Decker: MSE 1T4

What made you choose your discipline? I’ve always had a fascination with the small structures of matter and how it affects a substance macroscopically, and I was told that the program is fairly broad which also worked for me since I had a hard time choosing out of TrackOne. What more »

Layan Kutob: INDY 1T2 + PEY

What made you choose your discipline? After attending the discipline info sessions I decided on INDY because it was the only program that combined my interest in both engineering and business. The reason I wanted to do engineering is not to be a technical person but rather a problem solver, more »

Matt Lattavo: CIV 1T4 + PEY

What made you choose your discipline? I knew I loved Transportation, but I also had a long-time desire to try Architecture. Civ seemed appropriate (in fact, when I was applying to other Universities, I applied to their Civil Engineering Programs). I also loved the fact that fourth-year is completely open; more »

Albert Huynh: CHEM 1T2 + PEY

What made you choose your discipline? I always had an intrinsic interest in chemistry and its applications. I thought that being able to meld this with business and design aspects would be really appealing. It’s also a very broad discipline; outside of traditional applications of chemical processing, chemical engineering can more »