University of Toronto High School Design Competition

What is UTHSDC?

The University of Toronto High School Design Competition (UTHSDC) is a one-day design competition for Grade 11 and 12 students. Competitors will compete in teams of four in order to conceptualize, design, build and communicate a solution to an engineering challenge. Students will explore fundamental ideas of design and engineering in a competitive yet comfortable environment. Teams will also receive feedback from our judging team, which consists of professors and graduates working in the engineering industry. The UTHSDC aids in developing teamwork, design and communication in a fun and memorable way.
The day will start off at 9 am. Teams will be issued the design challenge, and will have to work through the design process to find a solution, from idea generation to prototyping to building their final product. Teams will be judged in two ways: how well the idea works according to practical tests, and based on their presentation to judges.

The practical tests will depend on the challenge. The test will see how well the design performs in a quantitative way. The presentation, on the other hand, will judge teams qualitatively based on criteria such as how they came up with a design, what kind of thought went into the design, how well they can communicate their ideas, and more. The judges will be professors and graduates who now work in the engineering field. 


Here’s a look at UTHSDC 2019


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