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T H E    T E A M

Director: Samantha Butt

After working at the Engineering Outreach Office for two years, Samantha developed a passion for STEM Outreach. As the Director of Hi-Skule, she looks forward to fostering a positive and inclusive environment for young students to pursue a career in engineering.

Vice-Director: Prarthona Paul

Prarthona has been involved with Hi-Skule and the UofT Engineering community for the past two years. As the vice director this year, she is excited to introduce engineering to more students and inspire the next generation engineers.

Outreach Director: Isabella Petrocelli

Isabella has been involved with Hi-Skule since her first year at UofT Engineering, initially starting as a mentor. As the outreach director this year, she is looking forward to fostering connections between prospective students and introduce them to the STEM community.

Content Director: Lydia C.

Lydia has been involved with the Engineering Outreach Office planning fun activities and workshops for the past year. She is excited to continue developing fun activities and events for this upcoming year with Hi-Skule!

Content Director: Adil Quettawala

As a previous Content Director, Adil is super excited to be back for a second year with Hi-Skule! He looks forward to developing new themes and challenges for each event and continuing to involve highschool students in STEM.

Social Media Director: Rauha Ahmed

As this year’s social media director, Rauha is looking forward to creating interactive and engaging social media content to help students get familiar with and explore STEM.

Webmaster: Brendan Lobo

This is Brendan’s first year working with Hi-Skule and he’s excited to modernize its website. As a firm believer in design-by-iteration, he hopes to continually make the website better than it was the week before.

Events Director: Ana Vukojevic

Ana has been involved in a variety of clubs within the Skule community and currently serves as the Skule Kup Director. As an Events & Logistics Director for Hi-Skule, she looks forward to planning all the events behind the scenes like a not-so-evil mastermind. Follow @skulekup on Instagram!

Events Director: Kayla Carnide

After holding positions within UofT Engineering’s Orientation Committee, UofTbog & Skule Community Outreach, Kayla’s loved every second of putting together events and initiatives that advocate for belonging and inclusivity. She can’t wait to promote her passion for STEM through all Hi-Skule has planned this year!

Mentorship Director: Thardchi Ganesalingam

As a Mentorship Director for Hi-Skule, Thardchi hopes to bring her passion for working with youth and Engineering Outreach to provide opportunities for students to learn more about careers in STEM.

Mentorship Director: Jason Zhou

Jasson has been actively involved in programs in which participants are incoming first year students as well as students in younger ages. As a Mentorship Director, he hopes to provide the best experience for participants in each event where they can get the most out of.

Mentorship Director: Nili Uphadyay

Nili has been actively involved in planning and logistics, by being a part of the Undergraduate Engineering Research Day (UnERD). As the Mentorship Director, she aims to support students in building connections, and learning more about STEM.