Mission & Vision

Our Mission10912633_901399906557534_1042053422_o

The Hi-Skule™ Committee strives in our outreach to…

  • Explain and Promote engineering both as a profession and undergraduate program.
  • Facilitate opportunities for mentorship and connections to current engineering students and professors.
  • Build and Sustain the engineering mindset in youth through cutting-edge content designed by current engineering students.

Our Vision

10912731_901401119890746_1492891286_oDeveloping people, potential future engineers and community.

For high school students: For passionate students of SKULE™ (mentors) to explain and showcase what engineering actually is, as both an undergraduate program and life-long profession.

For undergraduate mentors: to create an environment and community of belonging at U of T, where we continue to inspire and motivate new students, and each other in our engineering studies.

For SKULE™: such that our mentors are inspired to be the courageous, spirited leaders of our student society, rooted in tradition, in all pockets of SKULE™; motivated by the service for society and technical understanding.

FURTHER,  we want to harvest the enthusiasm of people whom we interact with, be it high school students, faculty, and mentors alike, such that the strength of our engineering community carries on for future generations.

Our Values10909659_901401423224049_1197826114_o

Our values serve as the plumb bob and plumb line that everything we do and how we act is measured against.

  • Leadership: where individuals demonstrate courage to inspire others to follow them.

  • Respect: for everyone Hi-Skule™ interacts with, because we recognize that we are all learning, and we ultimately want to see people doing what they love and what they are passionate about.

  • Accountability: Who’s in charge? If we’re not sure, we take the responsibility upon ourselves.

  • Collaboration: two minds are better than one.

  • Integrity: consistency through our thoughts, words and actions driven by our passion for engineering.

  • Diversity: in our backgrounds, experiences and interests for a broader range of alternative solutions to any problem at hand.

  • Passion:  Commitment at heart and mind for collaborative problem solving, engineering as a program of study, a community, and a profession with an obligation to society.