A Message From Hi-Skule™

To high school students…

Hey you!

Thanks for landing on this page. Our artificial intelligence web software is telling us that you’re investigating your post-secondary options, and with good reason too! There’s so much available to choose from in University it can  be overwhelming, especially when it comes to our field of speciality; the elusive and mysterious field of Engineering. If you’re trying to find out more about what engineering is, (in terms of a career, an academic program, or student life!) you’ve come to the right place.

We are the Hi-SKULETM committee, a group of UofT Engineering undergraduate students passionate about what we do and study— engineering! Our goal is to inform and promote the study of engineering (and all the many sub-disciplines) at the University of Toronto to people who may be interested in engineering, but aren’t quite sure what it is! (Don’t worry, we’ve been there too).

We’re a group of enthusiastic UofT Engineering undergraduate students, volunteering our time for this cause, so please do spam us with questions you may have about engineering, our SKULE (no, don’t worry, we spelt that right!) community.

SKULE denotes the student community here at UofT Engineering (referring to the original name, the School of Practical Science), and we are known around the circuit for being the most spirited community on U of T campus. Why? Because we like to work (very… very…) hard, and we make sure to play just as hard!

We invite you to visit our website regularly for more information and events that you (yes you!) can partake in. We hope to give you a better idea of what engineering is, because we just can’t contain our enthusiasm for it!

Best of luck with your post-secondary investigation!


Adriana Diaz Lozano Patino
Hi-Skule Committee Director 2T1 – 2T2
Engineering Science, 2T2 + PEY

Jerry Lee
Hi-Skule Committee Director 2T1 – 2T2
Electrical & Computer Engineering, 2T1 + 1



The University of Toronto Engineering Society