Michael Lucky: MECH 1T5

What made you choose your discipline?

I like Mech things, always had a dream to design roller coasters and Mech is the main thing that would

allow that.

What do you think about your discipline now?

2nd year, first semester is rather unfocused on the mechanical side of things, so although much easier

than TrackOne, I found it far less enjoyable. Second semester so far has been much better. I am looking

to forward to 3rd year because of more specific mechanical courses. I also feel like the transition in

terms of student life could have been better. I feel like the class rep did not do enough to introduce

incoming engscis and trackones to their new classmates in Mech.

What are the difficulties you have faced in your discipline so far?

Same as how I felt in First year, balancing work with play.

What are the post grad opportunities in your discipline?

Exchange program in grad school. I know someone who is currently studying post-grad Mech in


If you were to choose a second discipline, what would it be?


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