Matthew Dolowy-Busch: MIN 1T4

What made you choose your discipline?

Opportunities to work around the world, ability to also enter the business side of the industry later on in

my career, and a strong job market. Also working in the outdoors is a plus.

What do you think about your discipline now?

I think its great and I’m enjoying what I’m doing. All my courses relate to what I’ll actually be doing as a

mining engineer which is something that can’t be said about a lot of the other disciplines

What are the difficulties you have faced in your discipline so far?

Being willing to work and live in remote locations especially early in your career.

What are the post grad opportunities in your discipline?

There exists a lot of opportunities on the business side of the resource industry. The TSX is the biggest

stock exchange for resources and there exist a lot of opportunities to work in that sector once you’ve

got your mine site experience. Also consultancy is a common path later in your career. But pretty much

any job that involves the resource industry usually needs a mining engineer.

If you were to choose a second discipline, what would it be?


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