Layan Kutob: INDY 1T2 + PEY

What made you choose your discipline?

After attending the discipline info sessions I decided on INDY because it was the only program that

combined my interest in both engineering and business. The reason I wanted to do engineering is not to

be a technical person but rather a problem solver, someone who thinks outside the box and applies it in

business and so INDY was the perfect choice for me. The fact that INDY teaches you a set of skills, tools

and frameworks that can be applied in any field made INDY even more interesting to me!

What do you think about your discipline now?

INDY is amazing! I think the program needs to further build its technical component; however, apart

from that, it has some really interesting courses for one to specialize in if they wish to be it Operations

Research, Informations Systems or Human Factors.

What are the various opportunities in your discipline after graduation?

INDYs end up working in many different industries, some of the main ones include: management/tech

consulting, product/project management, supply chain, user experience design, and healthcare

What difficulties have you faced in your discipline so far?

Coding! LOL haven’t had much practice in coding and believe that this is an important skill that INDYs

need to further develop!

If you were to choose a second discipline, what would it be?

Mechanical, Dynamics was a really fun course!

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