Blair Decker: MSE 1T4

What made you choose your discipline?

I’ve always had a fascination with the small structures of matter and how it affects a substance

macroscopically, and I was told that the program is fairly broad which also worked for me since I had a

hard time choosing out of TrackOne.

What do you think about your discipline now?

MSE is a good fit for me since it’s all about learning the properties of different materials and how they

affect the whole, and where they can be best used. We’ve also touched on numerous topics: some

mech, some chem, some ECE, some civ, etc. as well as biomaterials, nano, materials processing, etc. I

really like MSE and the small, single class size makes for a lot of one on one time with profs.

What are the difficulties you have faced in your discipline so far?

The difficulty with MSE is that it’s not a well known discipline, and sometimes you will have to do the

legwork to seek out opportunities that say “Mechanical” or “Chemical” but are still a good fit for you.

There is also concern that our education is a little too broad and we have less in-depth knowledge

compared to others.

What are the post grad opportunities in your discipline?

There are many opportunities and scholarships for anyone interested in metallurgy, and a lot of them

consider community involvement/leadership alongside or excluding grades. There are also lots of varied

topics that the MSE profs are researching so it’s a good opportunity to get exposed to specialized areas

of research that might spark your passion.

If you were to choose a second discipline, what would it be?


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